Yes you can! Flexibility is very practical for high kicks but it is not an absolute must. At Grasshoppers we work with each individual's needs. With proper technique and a little practice you will be pleasantly surprised to see how high you can kick. Flexibility is something that we must work on, yes the younger kids seem to be born with elastic bands for legs, and everyone has that potential. You must stretch regularly and properly to increase your flexibility.
You are never too old to start TaeKwonDo! It is important to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle at any age. Remember that any new activity can be difficult in the beginning regardless of how old you are. The most important aspect of TaeKwonDo is that you feel good about your progress and you have fun!
TaeKwonDo can be practiced by anyone! Regardless of weight, age, gender, race or physical build. The first step to getting in shape is doing something about it! Joining Grasshoppers (with a proper diet) will help you lose weight, strengthen and tone muscles, have greater self confidence, and feel great about yourself!
This is one of the most common questions, and the answer is simple... it is totally up to you! At our school we do not push people to compete or achieve belt levels in relation to time. On the same note we do not hold any students back that wish to progress rapidly. Consistent training in the dojang and a willingness to learn will definitely speed up your progress. The number one thing to remember is that we must have a solid foundation for which to build upon! Basically a student that trains 2-3 times per week should attain black belt level within 3-5 years.
The first thing you should do is visit a club. Take a look at the facility; is it in a shared facility? A church/ basement/ or community center? If so these programs should be available to the student at a much lower rate (as they do not pay overhead like a full-time martial arts school). Talk with the instructor and observe how he/she is teaching. It is very important that you feel comfortable with your instructor and the way classes are being taught. You must be able to develop trust in your instructor. Listen to yourself or your child; do you have positive thoughts and comments about the school and the instructors? The style that is taught is not really important, both ITF and WTF TaeKwonDo are, like any martial art equally good, they are just a bit different (I always say, "The martial arts are all music, some are just written on different sheets") Do not pay fees that are too high, a good instructor should be teaching for the love of the art, and not to become rich!
For your first few classes a uniform and belt are not required. Wear something loose and comfortable. We suggest a pair of jogging pants and a t-shirt. We go barefoot on the TaeKwonDo floor, so no socks or footwear is needed
If this is your first time trying out Grasshoppers we suggest coming about 10 minutes early. There are a few administrative things that have to be looked after and then we will give you a tour of the facility and you will get to meet our top notch Instructors!
All of our pricing is on our pricing page, but they go by sessions or "semesters". We basically follow the school year with session 1 running from Sept 15 to Dec 15. (then we break for Christmas). Session 2 runs from January to March. And session 3 runs from April to the end of June. Grasshoppers is closed during the months of July and August. Pricing depends on the amount of sessions that would like to join for. The best deal is to join for all three sessions at a discounted rate. There are family discounts available. Please see the pricing page for additional details.
Absolutely not! - Our students learn valuable self defense and bully proofing techniques. These techniques are supervised by qualified instructors. All Grasshoppers students are constantly reminded of the effectiveness of these techniques and that they should only be used as a last resort. Any student that is found using TaeKwonDo without just cause will be asked to leave the dojang (Martial Arts School) for ever.
At Grasshoppers we believe every child is unique. Children learn in their own way, and learn differently depending on the environment they are immersed in. We suggest that 6 years old is the minimum age to start. Some children pay better attention at 6 years old than some children at 10 years old, so it is difficult to put an exact age on it. There is some important skills that a young child must possess. They must have; willingness to learn, beginner motor and balance skills, and an understanding of left and right. We recommend booking your free introductory class where Master Power and the instructor team will be better able to asses your child and give our recommendation. We also welcome parents to take class with their child.
Your membership entitles you to all classes for that belt level. We have made this for the ease of accommodating many parents and kids hectic schedules. At Grasshoppers we suggest that you attend the full two classes per week and practice at home between classes! At one class per week, the time between classes is too great, so children tend to forget and get “out of practice”
Signing up for a free class is really easy! You can simply register by clicking on the FREE TRIAL button!
YES you can. Grasshoppers is one of the only facilities in Canada, where both parent and child can participate together as a family in the same class at the same time. This is amazing, as how many sports do you know of that you can actually do as a family? (we currently have over 20 families that actively train as a family) Special family rates are available.
YES - You must sign up electronically for a free trial class (this automatically sends us all your information) and our member services manager will follow up with you upon receipt. Click HERE to sign up for your free intro session.
Yes you can watch your child take class on a new state of the art CCTV system with a 40" Television. However space is limited in the TaeKwonDo viewing area with enough space to accommodate approximately 20 parents. Why not take class with your child instead of watching it on television?

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