Mr. Mathieu Graham


Mathieu first started his training with Grasshoppers in 2009. After obtaining his green belt he took a break and joined Grasshoppers again in January of 2015.  Mathieu started working as a staff member in the Grasshoppers after school program, but has blossomed into a full time TaeKwonDo instructor.  Mathieu is one of the rare students that has been privately taught by Master Power and obtained his black belt in 2018.  Mathieu truly enjoys seeing the progress of all the students he teaches and is training to obtain his 2nd Degree black belt.


Mathieu is currently a 1st degree black belt and a Provincial judge for Poomsae and Board Breaking.

Professional Life:

Mathieu currently works for Grasshoppers in the After School Program as a full time staff member and TaeKwonDo Instructor.





Board Breaking


Self Defense


Honour · Respect · Tradition

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